Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Hubby's Got Game! - A Father's Day Card

Ok - OK! Don't totally wipe me off your blog list because of this card.  My sweet husband is a gamer at heart.  He's been playing video games since he was a small boy...and to this day he still loves a good video game.  Now, I'm not talking Grand Theft Auto or anything like that.  He likes to play a wide range of games - anything on the Wii, the X-box, or the Playstation - yes that's right he has all three!!!  We both believe that our hobbies make us happy, so we get to do them when we aren't busy with the girls or eachother - which is really not too often, but enough to make us both happy.  So, for father's day I wanted to make him a special card, so I decided to do an X-box problem there is NO cart out there for the gamer!  LOL, so I decided to use George (go figure) and weld images together.  The buttons on the controller were easy, but the shape of the controller was not until I found images that would work.  IF you have a gamer in your life and you want to make this card for him/her - please email me for the gypsy file.


  1. Cute card. We aren't 'gamers' but know a few people that are and you are right they would appreciate this card! and isn't that what we do, we create for those we love! Have a great day.

  2. Oh Melissa this is Great! I Hate It! LOL Not really but my Hubs is a gamer also and now he's got our Son hooked! I guess it's good times for the two of them but I suck when it comes to video games. I like the good ole ones like Pac Man, frogger, Mario, you get the point, not the shooter games that they like. But anyway, this is So Great and I would just Love to have a copy of your file. My Hubs B-day is in Aug and would love to make him a card like this. It would be totally unexpected. Thanks for Sharing and once again, I hate it! LOL
    Froggie ((Hugs)) Theresa
    mccadesmom at gmail dot com

  3. WOW! Looks like the real thing! Very creative! I love it! xxD

  4. That is so realistic! I love it, and i would love love love the file if you are happy to share it! I can't find your email addy though..(it's late here, LOL)