Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blog Awards! Woo Hoo

Hi ya everyone!
  So excited to report that I've received a few blog awards.  I'm going to post them once and let you know who has awarded them to me!  I really feel special when I receive these beautiful awards, because I know someone is taking the time to tell me I'm inspiring and I LOVE that!!!  So big hugs to those of you who are sweet enough to pass them on.  Here they are in no particular order:

List 3 things about yourself and nominate 5 people
Woo Hoo I have attitude - A huge thanks to Sheila from She's A Sassy Lady for awarding me with these first two attitude awards - and we know The Sassy Lady has ATTITUDE!! ((hugs)) and so many wonderful tutorials and the ever so helpful Gypsy Made Simple videos.  Also Sharon at MeeMees Creation awarded me the first two awards too - and she has some of the cutest cards so head on over to her blog.

In addition to Sheila awarding me this second award I also received it and the Stylish blog award from Audrey over at Cute and Some - and we also know that Audrey has style and so many clever ideas!
Nana Donna at CardDreams by NanaDonna also awarded me this sweet Stylish Award.  NanaDonna has some gorgeous inspiring creations so be sure to stop by her blog too!
So a huge thanks to everyone that thought of me when passing on these awards.  Now the rules to excepting are to list three things about yourself and pass them on to five other bloggers.  So here it goes:
1) I love to doodle - as a matter of fact I can't talk on the phone without doodling if I'm near paper! LOL
2) My two favorite things in the morning are my coffee and my shower...I can't start the day without both.
3) I love to people watch.  I could sit at a mall all day and just observe!  People are so interesting!

Now five blogs to pass the award on to (I know some of you have already received these awards so just know that I thought of you)
1.)  Nana Donna at CardDreams by NanaDonna
2.) Jessica at Jessica's Happy Place
4.) Robbie at Buttons and Bows
5.) Stephanie at Always Crafting


  1. A big congrats to you Melissa, and I love the new blog look!

  2. Congratulations!!!
    and thank you for having me on the blog!
    I just visited and followed everybody... most I already was following, but it was nice to go check everybody's wonderful work!

  3. Awww, Melissa, how sweet. Thanks for passing the awards on to me.