Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day - Valentine, You Rock!

Hi ya everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!  My daughter really wanted some Valentine's Day cards for her class and we decided to add some candy too.  Lately, even though she's seven she's decided that she wants "cool" things and NOT little kid things.  So, with that in mine she said definitely Hannah Montana cards, but to be even more complicated she decided the boys would not like the same thing as the girls.  This is what she came up with.  She chose everything from the Hannah Montana cartridge and Rock Princess too.
First, we cut the Hannahs in black with red and pink accessories.  Anna adhered all the pieces and this was a bit difficult as the fronts often looked like the backs.  So we had a few mistakes here and there but then we came up with a method that worked great.
Next, we made boys Valentine's cards using this guitar cut.  We cut these out in black, pink, and white.  Again, Anna layered these.
We computer generated the sentiment and cut them out with the nestables. 
We added a bit of stickles here and there and added a Valentine's bow.  The cello bags were 5x7 and the flaps we made were 8x6inches and folded them half so they were 4x6.  We made a total of 27 bags!  Whew, we were tired!  Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!


  1. These are soooo adorable! The kiddos will LOVE them. Anna did a great job. Wish I could have one, Anna!

  2. These are perfect for the tween!! Love how she made girl and boy cards!

  3. Good for you... you are one very energetic mom! Wow! These look fabulous! I'm sure they will be a hit at the party!
    barb :)

  4. And who said being 7 made you a little girl anyway?!!! LOL! Of course she wants cool things...LOL!!!

    Melissa, the cards are... cool!!! You did a great job for your daughter. I'm sure she's proud!

  5. WOWEE, Meliss! What a gorgeous bunch of treats! Holy moley the work! Bet the kids really loved them! xxD

  6. I know there was one happy little girl in this household! Beautiful treat bags!