Monday, March 7, 2011

Texas Here I Come - Calling Cards

Hi ya everyone!
  Well I'm preparing for Texas (Cricut Swarm) and can hardly wait! So we need calling cards!  These are 3x3 cards with my information on them. 
 I chose to use a coffee cup on the front as I LOVE coffee and without my first cup - well let's just say you don't want to know me!! LOL
 Just a quick post as there is so much to do!! If you need any more details concerning these - please email - I'm happy to provide any info!!


  1. thanks I have been trying to figure out a
    way to make the calling cards.


  2. These turned out great! Have fun at the stampede! I am so upset that it fell during our spring break week here in Texas because it is literally 10 minutes from my house. Unfortunately, we had our spring break tickets bought before they finally announced the dates! Have fun and share lots of pictures with us!
    barb :)

  3. Melissa, these are cute as can be. Have a great time at your cricut swarm.

  4. super fun calls out to the caffeine addict in me!

  5. Melissa, your cards are adorable as you are. Have fun at the Cricut Swarm.

  6. Oh, wow...those are fantastic!!! :) I wish I could come up..:(

  7. Oh how FUN! Lucky you! Enjoy the Swarm, your cards are fantastic! xxD