Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reflection and Prescious Time

Hi ya everyone!
  I've made some difficult descisions lately about what I have time for and what I don' thing I really miss is that I'm always creating for others and not so much for myself anymore.  I took on one to many things.  I've decided to step away from some things I love, but really miss things like an art journal.  I hadn't done a lot of this anyhow, but have really wanted to for a long long time.  Stress at work and stress put on myself by myself stopped me from enjoying my crafty side.  I've heard a lot of fabulous people rave about art journals and how they really do lift your creative side....
So, I did my art journal last night and it felt REALLY good.
I'm taking a fun class for art journals from Julie Balzer called 30 days in Your Journal.  It's relaxed and conversational and a perfect outlet as I have no pressure to create...I can do it when I can!
Thanks to everyone that stops by and reads my blog...I know there isn't always time to comment and that's a.ok.  I understand that time is precious and that it's easy to take a look, be inspired and walk feel free!!!


  1. Absolutely beautiful job, Melissa.

  2. Good for you Melissa! I love your Art journal page..Hope you will be able do more just for fun crafting like this and I look forward to more of your amazing creations!

  3. Thank you for understanding the read it and leave it mind set ...not good...but it helps to see and then up out of the chair and off we go again.
    Luv your thinking of the art journal.
    Relax and be kind to yourself

  4. I know the feeling about balance - love your journal entry, gorgeous!