Monday, June 14, 2010

Party Party Party

As promised here is all the fun party things from Anna's party.  Her step grandpa made her an amazing birthday cake!  I will post pics of that too when I get them on my computer.  Her theme was turtle oddly enough and she insisted on pink and green.  It was a good theme overall with a pool party I thought!  The few things I made for the party were embellished with turtles from the Create A Critter cart.  I cut out a bunch of little guys some with party hats and others without.  I glued them to crayon boxes for each attendee.  I also stenciled a little turtle to the gift bags - now this the funny part.  We got these little gift bags from our local craft store but I know they have them at the dollar store too.  My husband insisted to me that I could iron on them - but you know, they had this plasticy feel to them and said "are you sure".  He asured me, oh yes the sign said you could.  So, I had to take his word for it - yeah let's just say my iron is pink on the bottom now.  So I cut the stencil out of wax paper anyhow, layed it down and stenciled without it being stuck to the bags.  I worked, but the turtles didn't have a textured shell.  I also took clear plastic plates and glued little turtles on the underside of the plates.  I used Tombo Aqua glue and smeared them on the turtles tops and stuck them to the plates - easy I'd say, but if I'd do this again I would used a completely flat image because the layers on the turtle were harder to glue down.  Enjoy!

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  1. What an adorable theme! You sure came up with cute stuff for the party. Moral is though, men no NOTHING about ironing! LOL xxD