Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Twinkle Lights with Flare

What I learned: This was acutally a pretty straight foward project. The hardest part was getting the hole in the center of the flower accurate. I used cheap paper and just tried it till it worked and it would still be snug. A better idea would be to take the light off entirly and put the flowers around the green portion - for fire safety. These lights stay so cool though, that if monitored should not be a problem.

1) vellum of some sort - I used the transluscents
2) cricut
3) glue
4) lights
5) a cart with a design you like (flower, popcorn bucket, whatever) I used Accent Essentials and George for the circle

Materials not necassary but I used
1) Gypsy
2) Mini Skeleton leave embellishments - could use more vellum and cut leaves

Directions are as follows - Very Easy by the way!!
I used a set of white Christmas lights - I think that any strand of lights that stay nice and cool would work - even LED (they don't get hot at all). I started on my G and used the BLACKOUT flower from Accent essentail (any design would work - I considered an - upside down popcorn bucket too from TBBM but I really wanted something romantic) I used vellum called metallic iridescent translucent (I've only seen this at a store here called the PaperZone - however, I'm sure you could get it elsewhere, it's very thin and shiny - gives a great effect) I cut the flowers from 2.24in x 2.14in up to 2.56 x 2.45. I think on just the E a size 2 to a size 2.5 would work. The most important thing is the size of the hole (circle from George) at the center of the flower - .22 x .21 If you don't have a G you could always use an Exacto or Fiskars small blade and make an X in center of the flower. Next lay your flower cut out face down (the shimmery pretty side down) Bend the flower petals up by hand (the angle is about 90 here) Once all flowers are cut and bent I used a small amount of glue and layered the flowers. Next I added mini skeleton leave embellishments with glue as well. Allowed them to dry and added them to my lights!!!
Good luck and have fun - make sure you get cool lights!!!!!

I entered this project for She's a Sassy Lady Summer Love Challenge. I came away with a runner-up prize! Thanks again Sheila!

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