Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden Filled With Love - Feautured in The Chirp

Garden Filled with Love

What I learned - The card for this was supposed to just lay inside the outside portion that I turned into an envelope. The problem was that once I turned it into an envelope the insert didn't fit properly, so I had to trim down the insert...and cutting from just one side wouldn't work b/c it would end up lopsided. So I had to trim from both sides.

Just Because Cards
I used the envelope and card third row down, first one. On my gypsy I set the dimensions 8.75 Height the width followed, on the Cricut cut at 8 ¾. Once cut, I used an adhesive runner down the left side and bottom of envelope (make this as thin as possible) for the insert I made it at a height of 8.43, on the Cricut I would go with 8. The insert is too big when I cut on the gypsy. However, I just trimmed up the edges to fit! I also cut a few rectangles on the Circuit to place as background paper. The one on the card was 7.25 and imaged using the cut from JBC that I used for the card insert (again third down and first image – with a shift). The other background papers I just used my paper cutter and sized to liking.

Walk in My Garden
I used the hearts from the bleeding heart. The top layer was cut at 4.12 (4 on Circuit) and the bottom was set on shadow (however, I made them almost match the top layer, didn’t really want a shadow here). The garden sign was 4.12 (4 on Circuit). All stems were cut from 2.53 (2 1/2 on Circuit) to 3.68 (3 ½ on Circuit). The shadow function was used for the background of the sign – 4.11 (shadow of 3 ½ would work on the Circuit).

Create a Critter
The bird and all its parts were cut at 2.16 on the gypsy (2 or 2 ¼ would work for Circuit).

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  1. So so sweet! Congrats on the CHIRP feature. I don't get my emails anymore and lately I haven't had the patience to wait for the posts on the mb. So sad. I used to LIVE there. xxD