Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thank You Notes and Matching Box

I started this project for my mom. I'm making 10 thank you notes for her to give at her New Grandma Party (added the pic of the invites too - thinking about changing the brown paper on the invites to the same on the box) she is hosting. This was a fun project and I think the results are pretty darn cute! I used Tags, Bags, Boxes and More for the drawer part of the match box (match2 - pg 124). I cut the drawer at 8.37" x 7.02" on my Expressions using my Gypsy. This will fit A2 envelopes perfect. One thing I didn't like about this cut was the sides were higher then the front and back of the drawer. I'm sure there is an important purpose for this..but for me, I wanted them all to be equal. So before glueing the corners I trimed the heighth from those edges. For the sleeve of the box - I simply cut a piece of cardstock at the appropriate length and scored using my scorer. Simply lay the drawer piece on top of the cardstock and make a mark, score, then make the next mark all the way around. Leave yourself some slack. I can give some precise measurements here if needed. Just post a comment or PM me on the cricut board for detailed instructions for the A2 sleeve.
The Sentiment is from WildCard. I liked the idea of having a ribbon go all the way around that could be untied. I also added a bit of ribbon through the hole on the drawer so it would actually work.

What I learned:
That if you measure just for the card your box won't fit for your envelope!!! So my first box was a bit whimpy!!! Also, were's the sleeve for this matchbox drawer - no idea but the one I made on my own worked perfect!!!


  1. This is as cute as can be! LOVE the colors and I forget about the Wildcard sentiments. Darling! Your Mom will love it! xxD

  2. I love the thank you card and the idea of putting the invitation in it is a very unique idea tfs

  3. I love your style.. you do such beautiful work...this is great!