Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Craft Area

I mentioned before that my sweet husband had made me a little craft area in our small condo.  Well I've been away on a business trip and once again my husband suprised me with an updated craft area!  He made an amazing shelf that has a number of hooks on it for my scissors, dust pan, embosser and glue gun.  He also put a basket for my cuddlebug/sizzix folders.  There is a ribbon holder and a set of four jars for embellishments.  To top it off there is a shelf for all my cartridges, YourStory, embosser and other things.  Now there is a shelf for all my containers and a place for my printer and printer paper.  I can't believe he did this while I was gone.  I was so greatful for my little area in the first place and he made it larger and more convienent.  He's amazing huh?? 


  1. Waht a Sweetie! You're a lucky gal. I think I'll bring my DH up here to look at this shelf. xxD

  2. It is so wonderful that your husband provides you with so much support for your crafting... just fabulous!

  3. Don't you just love when they surprise you like that. It is so nice that he was thinking of you while you were away and he supports your hobby. Enjoy your new shelves!


  4. What a great shelf nice and deep for holding stuff and everything is out of the way and out of little ones reach. AWESOME HUBBY!