Friday, December 10, 2010

My Tall, Sad, Skinny Snowman - Paper Cutz Challenge

Hi ya everyone,
  Paper Cutz is having a fun challenge this week - Mary askes that you use a snowman or snowflake on your project that is an image (digital or stamped) or a cricut cut and any colors.  Ok, I'm not exactly thrilled with MY snowman.  First, there was supposed to be two snowmen.  I used the 3D cut from the Winter Woodland cartridge.  I wanted to make something really elegant looking for my dining room table.  Most of my Christmas dishes and decorations are red and white.  Therefore, two long tall snowmen would look gorgeous. 

However, long and tall don't really stand up all that well...LOL - so I ran the snowmen through the xyron on both sides and added this really fine cyrstal glitter.  I love it but it's a mess.  I added some tinsel glitter from MS to the trim of the hat.  When I put the hat on the snowman he sort of slumped right I doubled the cuts up.  So this made him a bit sturdier, but alas I lost a snowman - and I had used so much of my glitter already that I decided one would have to do for now.  I then had to make a base for this snowman as he still wasn't going to stand up straight without some assistance!  I cut out a round base and glittered it as well. 

I then hot glued this stubborn snowman to the base.  Honestly, he still doesn't look all that great.  I just decided that he's too tall - if I did this project again I would do two things differently.  I would adjust him on my Gypsy to be a bit more fat. 

I would also use some chipboard or cereal boxes to make him sturdy.  I still like the base though and would probably do that again!  Sorry, for the sad snowman - but this is what he looks like - and I added a bit of showy stuff to the picutres so he wouldn't look so skinny and sad! LOL  Head over to Paper Cutz and join the fun!


  1. That is so not a sad snowman..he is cute, I love the glitter. It makes a cute table display..TFS

  2. Well I think he turned out really cute! Bummer when the best laid plans don't quite pan out, though. Been there many times! xxD

  3. I love him Melissa, I have a thing for snowmen. Maybe he melting a bit and can't stand up straight

  4. Hey Melissa--It's so funny that I'm sitting here as I write this looking at the same exact snowman. That's what I started out with for my project this week, but I didn't like how it turned out so I went with my snowman soup can instead. I may have to take the glitter to mine because your's looks fantastic all sparkly. I did cut mine out of chipboard so he stands up okay. He just looked so boring. Love how your's came out.

  5. Aww, Melissa, you're cracking me up ... too funny! I actually thing the snowman looks quite cute so maybe it looks better in a photo than IRL lol?