Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thinking Pink and celebrating LIFE!

Hi ya everyone!
  Typically, I share only creations on my blog and occasionally I share personal information but not too much as really this blog is about my cards, layouts and crafts.  This card however, is dedicated to a very special aunt in my life.  My sweet Aunt Jane is a breast cancer survivor and recently had a small scare that showed her cancer was back.  It was luckily caught early and surgery removed the cancerous portions and she got a clean bill of health.  I'm so thankful that my aunt takes good care of herself and has regular check-ups to keep herself healthy. 
  I created this card with her in mind, because I'm happy to be able to celebrate her life.  She truly is the best aunt that anyone could ask for.  I have so many blessings in my life but mostly my wonderful family.  Here's to you Aunt Jane - (((HUGS)))
  This is a new image from Some Odd Girl called Pink Ribbon Mae.  You could really use her for all sorts of causes but with this being Awareness month I thought it appropriately colored in pink!


  1. Hi Melissa - love that image and so happy your Aunt got a clean bill of health

  2. Wonderful news for your Aunt!! This is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the occassion! Love the little dots you created on the ribbon and her shoes.

  3. Fabulous card and so good to hear your Aunt is OK.

  4. Oh Melissa, this is beautiful and I'm so glad that your Aunt is doing ok!

    Hugs, Tracy