Friday, July 9, 2010

Cards For Soldiers - Part 2

This is my second time participating in Cards For Soldiers.  The cards are sent to military units overseas.  Men and women in the military then have cards to send home to loved ones.  The people who run this are very dedicated to this cause and at their own expense ship these cards to the men and women serving our country.  A number of card makers are involved in making the cards and some make as many as a hundred or more!!  I try to make just 15 - and I get worn out!  I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when I do this - as I'm a helpless romantic I image a soldier sending a card filled with sweet nothings to a loved one - and to know that I made the card for him/her to write on makes me happy!  Anyhow, no instructions as they are pretty straight forward.   Thanks to our troops - and a special shout to Caleb Bagnall, my husbands brave brother serving in Iraq!  Our prayers and love go out to you!
Here's a pic of Uncle Caleb with his niece Auden

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