Thursday, February 28, 2013

Copic vs Shinhan Coloring

 Hi ya everyone!  This is a comparison I posted on the MarkerPop Blog some time ago.  I never posted it on my blog however and thought I would today.  I used the adorable dragon from Lawn Fawn called Critters Ever After.
One dragon was colored with the Shinhan touch markers and one with my favorite Copics.  I was really skeptical about these markers when I started to be honest, mostly because I love my Copics and love the blending I can perform with them.
I chose colors that were very similar to each other from both sets and set about coloring.  There isn't much difference between how they go on.
I added my second color to both for a shadow effect and blended them.  They both blended very nice.  The Touch though seemed really juicy, almost soggy.  Not a bad thing necessarily but I'm not used to this, so if you look closely you can see a bit of bleeding.
I finished with light color and felt both looked pretty cute.  However, looking at the back of the paper you can see how much more juicy the Touch markers are.
Here are the final images...can you tell which is which?
 In short, I think the Touch markers really surprised me.  They blend nice and are a great marker to perhaps start your coloring addiction with to see if you like coloring.  Honestly, the Copics are more comfortable as they are oval and not square, and you have so many colors to choose from.  The color chart that Copic puts out is organized in a logical way as well.  I'm trained to use Copics and not to use Shinhans so there is possibly information about them and the chart that I don't understand.  The overall blending ability and color though for both is equally brilliant and blends well.  I love how many colors Copic offers as well.


  1. I was wondering what the diff was since everyone is talking about the Shins....beautiful coloring with both :)

  2. Great coloring and I can tell which is the copic or Shin.

  3. Oops, I meant to say I "can't" tell which is which! LOL!

  4. What a great comparison! Thanks for sharing. :D